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Do you enjoy silence? Do you wish your neighbors or kids enjoyed it too? Hearing your kid’s lively footsteps or listening to every painful note of your child’s violin as they practice can get tiresome. Or maybe you want to install an epic home theater or give your teenagers a place to rock out with their newly formed band but don’t want to disturb the neighborhood. Whatever the scenario, home soundproofing may be the perfect solution.

Whether you would like a soundproof ceiling, a soundproof room with soundproof wall panels, a soundproof basement, or even a soundproof garage, Perfection Supply offers a complete line of the best soundproofing products for all your needs. We are the leading distributor of the most proven, efficient and best soundproofing material products in Houston. We have the products listed below in stock for same day pickup. There is not one single product that works for soundproofing — you need the right product for YOUR sound control project. We will quickly evaluate your existing noise control problem and provide you with the best soundproofing insulation solution that will work, and the support you need to learn how to make a room soundproof and install the products correctly.

Soundproofing Walls and Ceilings

These high quality soundproofing products are what you will need when exploring the best soundproofing for walls and ceilings.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound

Green Glue Noiseproofing CompoundGreen Glue is a very simple and effective soundproof material for walls that can be used between layers of drywall or plywood. Green Glue provides a thin, flexible layer between two hard boards, and actually absorbs sound vibrations. View the Green Glue Datasheet.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded VinylMass Loaded Vinyl is the most popular product for soundproofing walls in the industry. It provides a thin, flexible, heavy layer under drywall to break the vibration connection. At only 1/8″ thick, you can incorporate Mass Loaded Vinyl into your project without concern for changing doors or windows. View the Mass Loaded Vinyl Datasheet.

Sound Isolation Clips

Sound Isolation ClipsFor superior results in soundproofing interior walls, Sound Isolation Clips are the most effective solution available. Sound Isolation Clips are used with a drywall channel that completely breaks the vibration connection between sides of a partition, preventing noise from getting to the other side. View the Sound Isolation Clips Datasheet.

Soundproofing Floors with Floor Soundproofing Underlay

If you are exploring how to soundproof a floor or lessen noise by soundproofing between floors, you will want to use a floor soundproofing underlay. We have several to choose from:

Privacy Ultimate Underlay

Privacy Ultimate UnderlayPrivacy Ultimate Underlay provides a home soundproofing solution for any hard floor covering. Available in different thicknesses and weights, we will help you block sound from both footsteps and voices, TV or stereo noise. View the Privacy Ultimate Underlay Datasheet.

Privacy Carpet Underlay

Privacy Carpet UnderlayPrivacy Carpet Underlay is available in two different versions for solving soundproofing problems that include footstep noise and music, voices or TV noise through the floor from above or below. View the Privacy Carpet Underlay Datasheet.

Privacy Tile/Stone Underlay

Privacy Tile/Stone UnderlayPrivacy Tile/Stone Underlay has specific properties to work directly under any tile or stone floor. With a peel and stick adhesive on one side, Privacy Tile/Stone Underlay provides a quick and easy soundproofing solution that will save time and absorb footstep noise. View the Privacy Tile/Stone Underlay Datasheet.

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