Design a Beautiful Retreat with Outdoor Fireplaces from Perfection

Turn the great outdoors into your living room with an outdoor fireplace from Perfection. Outdoor fireplaces are available in traditional wood burning and gas systems. Enjoy the efficiency, convenience, and versality of a gas fireplace or warm up to the crackle and pop of a relaxing log burning fireplace. An outdoor fireplace creates an ideal setting, whether you are entertaining friends or simply enjoying a romantic evening under the stars.

Perfection carries a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces. Our trained sales professionals can help you find the right outdoor product for your home. Call or come by our showroom today.

Outdoor Fireplace FAQs

Yes and no. A gas fireplace doesn’t need a typical chimney since it burns cleanly, but it does require a certain amount of open air space in order to operate correctly. And some people prefer having a chimney built for aesthetic reasons.

An outdoor wood burning fireplace needs a chimney for safety and ventilation. Plus, it looks nice. Note that the chimney will need to be built to a certain height in order to function properly.

It is up to you, but there are certain factors that need to be considered when choosing a spot. This includes the size and openness of your patio area and the layout of your furniture. As we mentioned above, gas fireplaces require a certain amount of open air space to operate correctly. And remember, the fireplace will give off heat, so you want to make sure to allow enough space between the fireplace and the furniture to be comfortable.

It comes down to preference. Many homeowners enjoy gas fireplaces for their convenience and efficiency while others prefer the authenticity, sound, and smell of a wood burning fireplace.

Gas burning outdoor fireplaces require a hard piped gas line connected to the unit to operate. There are other outdoor fire products, such as freestanding firepits and fire features, that can operate off a concealed propone tank such as what you would use for your gas grill. There are many exciting products to consider!

Wood burning outdoor fireplaces do not require a gas line to be connected if you are planning to only burn real wood. A gas line does assist with getting a wood fire started, so some people like to have one installed regardless. If you are planning to burn gas logs in your wood burning fireplace, you will need to have a hard piped gas line connected to the unit.

Many gas burning outdoor fireplaces use spark-to-pilot ignition and they do require electricity for operation, via 110 or batteries as a power source. Some styles operate with a standing pilot ignition which has to be manually lit for use. These fireplaces do not require electricity.

Wood burning outdoor fireplaces do not require electricity to be run to the unit.

It depends on the type of fireplace. Any type of masonry built fireplace will need a reinforced concrete slab foundation to support its weight. A prefabricated gas fireplace appliance can be placed on a concrete slab or on a wood deck. Please note that all true wood burning fireplaces require a noncombustible hearth to be built for safety reasons.

Yes! It will add both value to your home and pleasure to your life.

The price varies based on customization options, size and type of fireplace, the materials used, and labor costs. At Perfection Supply, we always provide our Houston community with the highest quality products and services for the most affordable price.

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