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Providing Houston with Beautiful Fireplaces Since 1979

Perfection Supply was founded in 1979. In the 40+ years since, we’ve kept up with the changes in the fireplace installation industry, from offering a wide array of design styles to our collection to having a wide inventory of gas, electric and wood burning fireplaces. Each type of fireplace offers its own benefits, and the sales team and fireplace installers at Perfection Supply have the experience and knowledge to give you the advice and input you need to make the right choice. We work with homeowners, builders, developers, and architects, and understand the needs of each. Let us assist you with finding the right fireplace design and size that will best accentuate the décor in your home or next project. Rest assured; we are the top choice in a Google search of “fireplace installers near me.”

Mother with a young child in front of a fireplace.

We Offer a Wide Array of Fireplaces

While most everyone loves a roaring wood burning fire, there are many versatile and efficient fireplace options available to homeowners and builders today for fireplace installation. Perfection Supply is proud to offer many exciting options which appeal to our customers for their ease-of-use, efficiency, and beautiful design. We offer:

  • Gas Fireplaces:
    Gas fireplaces are efficient, convenient, versatile, and stylish. They can be traditional or modern in style and add value to any home. The ease-of-use of a gas fireplace is one of the top benefits touted by homeowners and builders, along with increased efficiency and versatility when it comes to gas fireplace installation options.
  • Wood Burning Fireplaces:
    Wood burning fireplaces are classic, elegant options for any home. Rustic, warm, and full of character, wood burning fireplaces offer the vintage crackling, popping, and wonderful smells only the real thing can. A wood burning fireplace can also be retrofitted with stylish gas logs to combine cozy ambiance with convenience and ease of use.
  • Electric Fireplaces:
    There are many new and exciting electric fireplace installation choices available today. These versatile fireplaces come in traditional and modern styles and are a great option when gas fuel is not available. Electric fireplaces provide the aura and feel of a real flame and offer variable heat controls to warm up any room.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces:
    Whether you’re a homeowner renovating your patio or an architect, developer, or builder designing or constructing a home, an outdoor fireplace is an attractive fireplace installation option that adds enjoyment and value. Perfection Supply offers several outdoor fireplace installation options in a variety of design styles to help you enjoy the great outdoors fireside.

Visit Our Showroom to View Our Beautiful Fireplace Displays

Choosing a fireplace for your home is an exciting task. To assist you in making the right decision, we have many fireplaces on display in our north Houston showroom. From modern to traditional, from gas-powered to wood burning to electric, you can see them in action. And if what you’re looking for is not on display, we have many more styles in our warehouse inventory to choose from. We encourage you to visit our showroom and let our knowledgeable sales team and fireplace installers get started working for you. Helping you find the perfect fireplace for your home is our number one priority!

Delivering Perfection Since 1979