Making Houston Homes More Comfortable

Perfection Supply’s in-house insulation retrofit team focuses on the comfort and energy efficiency of existing homes. From minor insulation touch-ups to complete removal and replacement, we’ve got you covered. Our crews are vigorously background checked and specially trained prior to working in your home.

Attic Evaluation

Worker climbing an attic ladder.When your home is not energy efficient, it can be costly and uncomfortable for your family. You don’t have to compromise on comfort — even on the hottest day of the year. Perfection Supply’s Attic Evaluation Specialists are available to inspect your attic space and make energy-saving recommendations for your home. The evaluation will include a review of insulation thickness, ventilation, and air leakage and provide an array of money-saving solutions.

We will help answer questions such as “What does insulation do?,” “Why is air sealing attic space important?” and “What is the best way to insulate attic space?” A well-insulated attic reduces both energy loss and energy costs. Contact us to schedule your FREE Attic Evaluation!

Attic Energy Saving Strategies Why? Benefits
Increase attic insulation levels The DOE recommends insulating attic spaces in areas with Houston’s climate to at least R-38. The proper amount of insulation in your attic can increase the effectiveness of your HVAC system, resulting in less energy used and lower monthly costs.
Decrease air infiltration from the attic into your home Air entering your home through your attic is unfiltered and much hotter than the air outside. Creates a more pleasant home environment by reducing unwanted heat, humidity, and dust from entering your home.
Install solar powered attic fan Offers better cooling performance than electric fans. Operating the fan consumes no energy, which can save money over electric fans. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Recommended Products

Blown Insulation

Installing premium loose fill fiberglass insulation is one of the most cost effective and energy conserving measures you can take for your Houston home. Blown fiberglass insulation is formaldehyde-free, easy to install, effective for insulating tight spaces, and cost effective.

We also carry recycled material (when available). Great insulation with a substantial savings!

Perfection Supply of Houston installs hundreds of bags of batt insulation daily for projects that are “new” construction. Those batts often have to be trimmed to fit the wall cavities. Rather than throwing those cuttings away, we bring them back and run them through an insulation chopping machine to convert them into blown insulation. Ask your sales rep if this recycled material is the best insulation for attic space in your home. Recycled blown material is subject to availability.

Radiant Barrier

Attics in the Texas Gulf Coast get hot and humid! Adding radiant barrier can help! Perfection Supply in Houston offers spray-applied radiant barrier.

Spray – HB Ultra for your roof deck is an aluminum colored, water-based, low emissivity (low-e) coating. When applied to building materials such as plywood, OSB or plasterboard, the use of a radiant heat barrier can lower the material’s surface emissivity, thereby blocking a large portion of the radiant heat trying to enter the home.

Solar Attic Fans

A Solar Attic Fan from Solar Royal is the ideal ventilation solution. It not only improves air flow and reduces the temperature in your attic, it also keeps living spaces cooler and eases the load on your A/C system. For you, that means a more comfortable home and lower electricity bills.

Remodeling? Don’t forget the insulation!

Perfection truck and crew.If you are remodeling your home and want to increase energy efficiency, Perfection Supply can help! Our team can develop a custom system that is just right for your home. During a remodel is a great time to upgrade insulation throughout your home! This may be the perfect time to:

Remodeling is also a great time to consider sound control options for your home! Ask your salesperson for more information on how we can design a sound control system that’s right for your needs.

We offer financing! Ask us more!

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