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Cellulose Insulation in Houston

Spray cellulose insulation is an exceptional “green” choice. It is an energy saving insulation product made from recycled newsprint and other recycled paper. This blown cellulose insulation is applied in open cavities such as walls of new construction or remodeling projects. When applied it fills voids to create a complete thermal blanket. The interlocking fibers create a finished product that produces excellent thermal and superior sound properties. This type of blown cellulose will reduce sound power by 60%, allowing you to peacefully enjoy your home for many years to come.

Cellulose insulation, with its acoustical, thermal and air infiltration properties, can be installed in both attics and walls of residential and commercial buildings. Perfection Supply sells and installs cellulose insulation in the Houston area from Greenfiber, the producer of the first all-in-one insulation product for your home. This product can be applied as a loose fill cellulose insulation or spray cellulose insulation.GreenFiber logo

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