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Fiberglass Wall Insulation

Fiberglass wall insulation adds R-value to your home’s perimeter, creating a thermal blanket that helps maintain your home’s internal temperature and increases comfort. Perfection provides two options for fiberglass wall insulation.

Wood rods

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Fiberglass batt insulation is the most widely used and cost effective type of insulation in the residential building market today. The product is designed to slow the movement of heat by trapping tiny pockets of air between the fibers. Designed for both walls and ceilings, fiberglass batt insulation provides thermal and acoustical control and is available in a wide range of thermal resistant R-values.

When properly installed, fiberglass insulation will not settle or deteriorate, so it maintains its insulating value over time. The insulating materials in fiberglass insulation are Formaldehyde-free and noncombustible.

wall insulation

Fiberglass Loose Fill Wall Insulation (BIBS)

Perfection Supply uses fiberglass loose fill insulation as part of the Blow-in-Blanket System® (BIBS). This system creates a complete blanket of insulation filling all voids around pipes, wires and other objects within the wall cavity. This achieves the highest R-value possible, which translates into higher energy efficiency and occupant comfort for your home.

The Blow-in-Blanket System® (BIBS) is used in open wall cavities during remodeling and new construction before drywall is installed. This seamless, thermally efficient blanket completely fills the wall cavity and helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.


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