Get the Most Out of Your Fireplace with Professional Fireplace Service

A gas fireplace is a welcome addition to any home thanks to its versatility, convenience, and energy efficiency. But whether a modern, traditional, indoor or outdoor gas fireplace, choosing the perfect fireplace for your home is only the first step in fireplace ownership. After installation and a winter’s worth of use, your fireplace has earned the next step: a tune-up. Regular gas fireplace maintenance is an important part of ensuring your continued comfort and enjoyment year after year. Whether you need a gas fireplace repair or simply a yearly checkup, Perfection Supply provides Houston-area homeowners with friendly, quality fireplace service for the brands of fireplaces and gas log sets that we supply (service may be limited during our busy winter months to the fireplace units we originally installed). Don’t procrastinate! To get your gas fireplace in top shape, schedule your annual gas fireplace maintenance appointment today.

What Is Included in an Annual Gas Fireplace Service Call?

Worker servicing a gas fireplace.Perfection provides annual maintenance on most gas fireplaces. It is vital that you have your fireplace inspected regularly to keep it operating properly throughout the year. During an annual inspection our technicians will:

  • Check and adjust all settings back to factory specifications.
  • Test gas pressure and system voltage.
  • Inspect the inside of the fireplace and ensure all parts are clean and functioning properly.
  • Clean and inspect the glass and glass seal. Check for cracked glass and verify all gasket seals are airtight.
  • Replace the glowing embers and inspect the logs.
  • Vacuum the control compartment.
  • Check system venting.
  • Check for gas and carbon monoxide leaks. (It is recommended that a carbon monoxide monitor be installed near your gas fireplace and replaced every five years.)

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