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Get the Most Out of Your Fireplace with Professional Fireplace Service

Choosing the perfect fireplace is just the first step. After a winter’s worth of use, your gas fireplace needs to be serviced. Regular maintenance of your fireplace is an important step toward ensuring the continued enjoyment of your fireplace each year. Perfection Supply provides Houston-area homeowners with fireplace service for many brands of gas fireplaces and gas log sets that we supply. Don’t procrastinate; keep your gas fireplace in top shape with annual fireplace maintenance.

What is included in an annual gas fireplace service call?

Perfection provides annual maintenance on most gas fireplaces. It is vital that you have your fireplace inspected regularly to keep it operating properly. During an annual inspection our technicians will:

  • Check all settings and restore them to factory settings.
  • Service the glass and inspect the glass seal.
  • Service the inside of the fireplace.
  • Replace the glowing embers.
  • Service the vacuum control compartment.
  • Check for dangerous gas and carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Test the gas pressure and voltage levels.
  • Inspect the system venting.

Check out our Gallery of Before and After service of Gas Fireplaces

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